What was this used for?

Discussion in 'Tools' started by OldWhitby, Mar 27, 2023.

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    I picked this up several years ago online - I think it cost 99cents. Interesting piece but I've never been able to figure out what it was meant for. Image searches yield spear points.

    The overall length is 14"and the gap between the sides is about 1/8". The 'blade' is steel which appears to have been tinned. The 2 sides are riveted together with bridge pieces at each end. The scroll marks on the 2 halves are very slightly different so I believe they were hand engraved.

    Image116.jpg Image117.jpg Image118.jpg Image120.jpg Image121.jpg
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    found one in image search suggesting it is a button polisher
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    Google Feuerzangenbowle Tongs. It says it is used to make a German mulled cider. A alcohol soaked sugar cone is placed on the tongs and held over the bowl of mulled cider and then lit. I sugar then melts by way of the slot into the cider. Sounds like a lot of work and i imagine a few accidents!
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    Who would have thought - Burnt sugar and wine.
    The Etsy listing describes it as mid century but given its construction, I would think it was quite a bit older than that. Any thoughts?
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    Seller says:
    "Used for Gluhwein /Mulled wine.
    Ornate metal tongs with wooden handle. Very unique. Used to hold sugar cane/rum soaked sugar loaf."

    WHO KNEW????!!!! Surely NOT ME!!!!!!!!!:rolleyes::woot::cool::cool::cool:
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