which version of May Befort by Lautrec is this?

Discussion in 'Art' started by sunday silence, May 25, 2020.

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    84533190_1_x.jpg 84533190_4_x.jpg 84533190_3_x.jpg 84533190_2_x.jpg

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    13.5 x 16" framed. The last time I studied Lautrec prints you find some that were restruck many years later and they seem to be missing a color and/or some features. I guess what happened was that these were run off of several stones or plates back in the old days and each one had a separate color. SOmetimes one would break so the remakes are lacking a color or two. I suspect that's what happened here. Thought someone might have a better idea.
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    I used to be very into Lautrec. Still love his work, but haven't looked at books in a very long while. I'm not quite sure what you're asking. His posters have been so widely reproduced. I have more than one Lautrec poster lurking rolled up in a corner, dating to early 70s.
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    Im asking what version of this poster it is. Or is it impossible to tell. Dont some of them come with watermarks? Like Kleinmann did some of these a long time ago. I am sure there's a way to tell which version this is, although I am not sure there's enuf info from the pics.
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    This lithograph contains a plate-monogram, title, the number XVI, and identifies the publisher, "Edw. Ancourt, Paris" within the matrix. It is taken from the Mourlot Freres book "The Posters of Toulouse-Lautrec," printed at Mourlot Press, Paris, France 1966.

    what is the back looking like ? is it possible that the XVI is hidden by the passe-aprtout ?
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    that's all the pics I have at the moment. THat's probably the one. Thanks a lot for all that info..
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