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    Can anyone let me know what the hammer price was on this please? Picked a couple up today. I saw them in the window of the RSPCA in Chorlton about 4 years ago maybe. They wanted £50 each. I went on my travels and then found wedgwood magic fairyland plates online for vast amounts. I dashed back only to find the shop closed. It was Sunday and I was back in work on Monday so I kissed them good bye. I then realised that they were repro anyway and not the originals. I went in today and there they were again for £10 each. Not sure where they've been all this time. Even though they are repro, they are very attractive. The originals must be amazing!

    IMG20240203140052_copy_883x1177.jpg IMG20240203140102_copy_1032x1377.jpg IMG20240203140144_copy_899x1200.jpg IMG20240203140152_copy_1127x1503.jpg
  2. Kronos

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    £64.00 ($98.11 at time of sale) 2013
  3. Chinoiserie

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    Many thanks Kronos. :rolleyes:

    We should all have a whip round and pay for your Worthpoint subscription.
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