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  1. Owl Lady

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    I can't find anything like it online. It was left with an estate at a 99 year old house so I have no idea how old it is. There are no stamps or maker's identification on it. The drawers are dovetailed. It is 30" wide, 23" deep with the desk top flipped out and 43" tall. Any information as to the name of the style or age would be greatly appreciated. Also, clues of where to look for information besides eBay and general Google searches.

    IMG_0466.jpg IMG_0467.jpg IMG_0468.jpg IMG_0472.jpg
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  2. komokwa

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  3. James Conrad

    James Conrad Well-Known Member

    Looks like a 20th-century reproduction of a plantation desk.
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  4. Ghopper1924

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    Thinking 1940s mahogany piece. Very pretty, but as James said, a reproduction of a plantation desk. Worth maybe $200 at auction in my part of the U.S. midwest.
  5. laura9797

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    I might be wrong but the typical plantation desks from 19th century I have sold tend to have taller superstructures to conceal cubbyholes and drawers. It is a pretty 20th c piece for a small space. We have been custom building contemporary custom farmhouses here in Georgia and this piece would be painted (sorry) and fit in nicely.
  6. James Conrad

    James Conrad Well-Known Member

    Indeed they do, the "fall-board" usually covers the entire upper section on period plantation desks. Guessing liberties were taken with OP desk, very common to modernize repros.
    Here is one on EBTH that sold for $675. which has the usual one sees with this form of southern furniture, fallboard covers up all the stuff above.


  7. Owl Lady

    Owl Lady New Member

    The desk I have does not fold up all the way like this one. It folds in half and does not cover up the doors and drawer. If you look closely at the first pic, you can see the hinges in the middle of the outside edges. Sorry I didn't post more photos. First time posting here.
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  8. komokwa

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    A Tip !
    Post photo's like there's no description..
    write a description, like there's no photo's...

    That helps us.....to help you !!:):)
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