Wurttemberg. A Württemberg Order Of The Crown Knight’s Cross With Lions And Swords

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    I have this Württemberg Order of the Crown Knight's Cross with Lions and Swords. I was wondering the history of this medal and possible a value of it. And yes I have Googled it and didn't find much about it.

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    You saw this wikipedia.org entry?

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  4. Katie Lansing

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    Yes I saw the emedals.com site. It didn't give a lot of information about it though.
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    @daveydempsey ....may know..........
    but a bigger pic front and back are in order....
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    Here's a German auction:

    Title: Württemberg: Order of the Württemberg Crown, Knight's Cross 1st Class with Swords / Knight of Honor Cross with Swords / Knight's Cross with Lions and Swords

    Gold, partly enamelled, finely flinged, multi-part openwork, the swords rigidly connected to the upper cross arm, on the prefabricated triangular ribbon. # SMK12 O8, OEK21 2983 49 x 38 mm, 14.2 g mB ## The order underwent a number of changes in the name of the Class during the time of its existence. Excellent specimen from Steinam's workshop, which was certainly awarded in this form before World War I. Between 1870 and the outbreak of World War I, only 63 awards were made. Very rare.
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    I would definitely NOT rely on sites in English or google-translated infoes to find out which one of the many variations this is.
    the problem starts with rarity because their were 3 classes and the medal had to be given back when the bearer was upgraded or after his death.
    I did not find any reliable archive online about the numbers given out between 1818 and the end.
    sounds the value is the important point, so I think a research in German could help with finding out which type it is.
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    Unfortunately I don't... But now I'm interested...
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