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Discussion in 'Tools' started by springfld.arsenal, Jun 19, 2020.

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    3142FBD9-73B6-4935-BDBC-2914771E5FD6.jpeg 9F865196-3AE2-4516-AA4F-353C9B55D686.jpeg BDC16E86-C2A3-41F2-8802-F08A7F63C38A.jpeg C8389131-F674-4660-B869-28E0340EAB1F.jpeg Here are a few pix I took while three machinist’s club members worked to restore two antique (metal) milling machines made in early in 20th C. Info on the manufacturers, Burke Machine Tool Co., and Browne and Sharpe can be found here.

    http://www.vintagemachinery.org/mfgindex/default.aspx 3142FBD9-73B6-4935-BDBC-2914771E5FD6.jpeg


    There’s some catalog info on the Browne and Sharpe but I haven’t yet found anything on the Burke model 126A. After some lubrication, wiring repair, etc. both machines are pretty much fully operational. The Burke needs two new V-belts but since the ratty ones still work I’m deferring their replacement until they actually fail. Tried but failed to edit out the duplicate photo posting, probably too early for me to handle such a complex task.

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  2. Bookahtoo

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    Nice! What are you going to do with them Spring?
    That's a great link - I bookmarked it.
    I love old machines - so beautiful and so useful.
  3. springfld.arsenal

    springfld.arsenal Store: http://www.springfieldarsenal.net/

    Think I’ll leave the slitting saw (looks like small circular saw) on the Burke to do small metal slitting jobs that come up frequently. The Browne is larger and has more features such as power feed in both X and Y axis so we’ll keep a couple dozen assorted cutters near it and use it for general horizontal milling jobs that don’t require the larger, more accurate horizontal mills nearby.

    I linked this to our machinist’s listserv and a friend there has told me the Burke is probably a No. 3 like he owns, and he’ll send me some info on it.
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  4. Aquitaine

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    I worked in my Dad's Tool & Die shop for a few years! I LOVED the smell of the oil!!!! AND the sounds of the hum drum and the machines running!!! Not so good for the hearing though!! My brothers & Dad could tell in less than a heart beat when a machine mis-fed......maaaan could they run fast....my brothers!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. blooey

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    I had the exhaust manifolds of my Jag planed at a local machine shop and was astounded at the variety (and what I assume was the cost) of the machines.
    This was one of the last independent shops in town and the owner who did the job was over 70 ...got the feeling that when he quit, the shop would be closed up and another condominium erected in it's place.
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