A pair of rugs, Persian I think? Could anyone share what they think please?

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    I have these rugs which I think are Persian but I don't have too much to go on. I'm also thinking to sell them, but haven't made up my mind. Would be great to find out more about them either way - whether they are old, handmade, wool, Persian, and any other info. I've got a few photos so thought it might be easier to upload to Google Drive. But I can shrink them in size and add them in the thread if that is preferred; just let me know.

    Happy to take more photos and/or do any tests or anything else that might help with identification and getting more information. I don't really know much about rugs unfortunately, but thought people who do may see tell tale signs that I wouldn't even know to look for!

    Rug 01 (185cm x 175cm):

    Rug 02 (195cm x 155cm)

    Many thanks, much appreciate anyone's time or thoughts.
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    Many thanks for the link. I don't think I can edit the OP now, so cannot remove the links to Google Drive. But I have resized the photos as suggested, so here they are...

    RUG 1





  4. Botanic

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    RUG 2






    Many thanks :)
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    I've not seen a grey fringe ??
    Humm.....the colors and designs seem somewhat muddy...and out of shape...

    I'm going to go with Pakistan.....and not as old as you might wish them to be.....

    but for rugs..... I'm always ready to bow to better expertise !
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    Thank you very much for responding and for the helpful info.

    Anyone else have any thoughts on the rugs?

    Thanks again :)
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  7. komokwa

    komokwa The Truth is out there...!

    you could try looking towards Turkey.........or possibly a Shiraz style....

    just a thought...
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