Can anyone identify this painting featured on ornate antique booK?

Discussion in 'Art' started by Simon Friend, Jul 31, 2020.

  1. Simon Friend

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    Sorry about the poor image. This painting is featured on the cover of an antique book I am seeking the identity of. I have been told that this painting was created independently from the book. If I can identify the painting, it may help to track down the book. Any help would be much appreciated. goldbook.jpg bookpainting.jpg
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  3. Debora

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    Yeah. Dante and Beatrice. Internet just says "French School." No date.


  4. Debora

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    19th century according to the internet.

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  5. Couch Potato Wannabe

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    Figure in Red at left Dante Alighieri meeting Beatrice Portinari (his muse)

    Title: " Meeting of Dante and Beatrice"

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    You guys are great, thanks!
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