CB Atkins Drop Leaf End Table Set

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  1. Ciji

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    09DA41D8-67DE-413F-A173-6D1E62651680.jpeg 78A99FD2-ADC6-41E8-9DEF-8B8529BBA73B.jpeg 09DA41D8-67DE-413F-A173-6D1E62651680.jpeg 09DA41D8-67DE-413F-A173-6D1E62651680.jpeg Anyone that can tell me more about the set of end tables I inherited.

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  2. komokwa

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    they're nice and i like em!

    that's always a good start ! :happy::happy:
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  3. johnnycb09

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    Very nice,well made ,probably 1940s -50s.Not a big market for stuff like this right now,maybe it'll change in the future.Did I understand you have a set ?
  4. SBSVC

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    Hi, Ciji, and welcome!

    I went looking for some info about your lovely tables, and while I didn't find anything about them, specifically, I got caught up in the history of C.B. Atkin and his various enterprises in Knoxville. This may or may not be of interest to you, but since I put it together, I thought I would post it here:

    There's some info about Clay Brown Atkin and the founding of C.B. ATKIN furniture in the FEB 1918 edition of The Furniture Worker, available at Google Books. The text is also here:

    There's also an interesting article about his ventures here:

    Apparently, the furniture company was only a minor part of the Atkin “empire”. With his varied interests in Knoxville, Atkin was reported to be the single largest tax payer in Knox County in 1921. Mr. Atkin himself died in 1931.

    While I don't know how long C.B. ATKIN was in business, this postcard shows that they were still around in the 1950's:
    img0 (314).jpg

    ...and a help-wanted ad for a company bookkeeper in the FEB 18, 1967 edition of Nashville's The Tennesean newspaper suggests that they were still a going concern into the latter part of the 1960's.

    Apparently, the company is part of ongoing Tennessee “confirmed asbestos jobsite” lawsuits:

    While there may be more info out there (perhaps via a newspapers database or on Ancestry or another genealogical website) I have found no mention of the company (other than the asbestos situation) after the late 1960's. (Note that much of the used C.B. ATKIN furniture shown for sale online is said to be from the 1950's and 1960's.)

    Oddly enough, even C.B. Atkin's own great-grandchildren are looking for information about the company! See Ms Christensen's query at the bottom of this page:

    Note, too, that we had a thread here about a C.B. Atkin mantel a while back:
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  5. verybrad

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    1940s mahogany Pembroke table.
  6. Ciji

    Ciji New Member

    Yes two of them.

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