F&B Baronet China - Manufacturer details/dating

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  1. MelC

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    Good afternoon all!

    Researching (see pic) F&B china or Baronet china and I’m coming up with Eschenbach Porzellan Group which didn’t explain anything, even if they subsumed the aforementioned organization. I couldn’t find anything F&B until I looked at my super old Kovels and the only possibility was Flight and Barr which being Worcester wouldn’t answer the mail. How is the US lousy w this brand (and sub group?) and have no info about it? Anyone know about F&B Baronet? Thanks! :)

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  2. Bakersgma

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    Lived in the US my entire life and never heard of Baronet. And Replacements calls Flight & Barr, Flight Barr and Barr. But neither name appears in Lehner's Encyclopedia of US Marks, so it's clearly not made here. How can we be "lousy with it" when I can't find it?
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  3. MelC

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    Replacements has a ton of Baronet china and it’s all over etsy and ebay. F&B (whatever that stands for) is part of their makers mark, so my assumption is they are a parent corporation. The mark on the items I’m talking about (pic in the original post) say they were made in Bohemia and Czechslovakia.
  4. janetpjohn

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    F. & B. could also be an importer, but that really gets us no further.
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  6. MelC

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  7. MelC

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    And I actually don’t know what F&B stand for, I was looking for any china/porcelain related companies that could be f&b and that was the only thing I saw at the time. Could be different. :)
  8. Ce BCA

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    It doesn't have anything to do with the Worcester Flight Barr & Barr period which is 1813-40. This must date after 1918 (as Czechoslovakia didn't exist before then). Some records will have been lost due to WW2, and as @janetpjohn mentioned some pieces also had importers/exporters marks and logo, so F&B Co may not even be the manufacturer. Baronet will be the tradename, and Romance is the pattern. Mark style suggests interwar period.

    You may have more luck if you are able to research using native language (Czech or Slovak), but being realistic there are many Eastern European firms and tradenames that have been lost to history, so you may not be able to get a definite answer.
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  9. say_it_slowly

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    I believe we've had this mark before and various countries on the mark/label. Someone provided information about Fisher, Bruce & Co, an importer in PA, along with some links to more info.



    "Fisher, Bruce & Company, importers of china, earthenware, and glassware, were located on Market Street in Philadelphia. The firm dates back at least to the year 1880, when it was known as Atherholt, Fisher & Company, and was located at 519 Market Street. The principals in the firm were Thomas C. Atherholt, Samuel Fisher, and his son, Joseph G. A. Fisher. By 1885 the company's name had changed to Fisher, Son & Company. By 1889, after the addition of George H. Ruth to the firm, its name had changed to Fisher, Son & Ruth. The following year, probably following the death of Samuel Fisher, Worthington Bruce joined the firm, and its name was changed to Fisher, Bruce & Company. In the same year the firm relocated to 221 Market Street.
    The company continued to prosper in its Market Street location, which extended back to Church Street.
    By 1930, the adjoining building at 219 Market Street was purchased. The ground floors of numbers 219-221 were used as a showroom and the company's offices were located upstairs. The company stayed in the Fisher family's hands for the remainder of its existence, with E. Monroe Fisher as President of the firm beginning in 1930. In the 1970s the company was sold and the business relocated to New Jersey."
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  10. Ce BCA

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    Well found, so unless the Czech maker can be traced through the records of the US importer, there is probably no way to find out who produced it.
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  11. MelC

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    This is great! Thank you. That is where I will start my next bit of research.
  12. MelC

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    You may be right but I’m gonna try!
  13. Fid

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