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Discussion in 'Silver' started by rtango, May 18, 2024.

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    I am hoping to identify this apparent silver cigarette case. It has been in my family for a few generations and I'm curious about its origin. The marks inside the case appear to be BEP or BER. Although it is very dirty and tarnished. I do plan to clean it up a bit in the next week or so and look closer. The letters on the engraving are HB, initials of the original owner is what i was told. That same story dated it to the early 20th century and of French origin. Any insight is appreciated. Photos in the link. Thank you!

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    there is a Russian silversmith with master's mark: BEP for Vasilij Egorovich Rukavishnikov, there should be a 875 silver mark but I can only see the BEP in image above
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    Thank you! The date lines up with what I was told, but now I'm curious how he had a custom engraved Russian piece, when as far as I know, he never went to Russia.
    I did a light cleaning but still cant make out the second mark. And I don't want to go to heavy on it. But thank you so much for the info, its much appreciated.
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    just started out life as a shiny high polished silver case......
    no amount of polishing now will hurt it !
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    Well some amount would, right? You’d have a sore arm though. ;p. I feel like a loupe would probably solve the mark photography issue though.
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    not if u can do this.....

    a cigarette case is the easiest silver to polish...;):playful:

    it palm size.....and mostly flat.........
    and unless u use Tarnex....... it's hard to hurt with a good rub......... imo..!
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