I am flummoxed by this vase, please help

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  1. Johnno42000

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    I purchased this vase at auction. I think the painting is very good and the vase is an unusual shape. The auction house listed it as 'Very early porcelain flower bowl 11" long x 6" high hand painted with birds'.

    It is hand painted and there is some rubbing to the feet. There is a mark. My problems are that I can't find the mark so don't know the maker and therefore can't give a rough date. I'm really hoping someone could help?


    1100060419.jpg 1100060423.jpg 1100060420.jpg 1100060422.jpg 1100060421.jpg
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  3. Johnno42000

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  4. Dory64

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    Hi, Chelsea was what I was going to suggest too. Lovely thing.
  5. Johnno42000

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    I have a sneaking feeling it may be Samson although I hope I am wrong. It has a really faded impressed mark which I think is a deer lying down with it's head looking upwards (I can't find that anywhere either :banghead: )
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