Rookwood Pottery Marks, Initials, need help !

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    Hi i need help with a Question on Rookwood pottery. Did Rookwood artist ever initial there vases , on the side of vases ? Also where can i find more about initial vase , what books or website that show pictures ? Any help will do Thank you !
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    Welcome, Jrfinds! A quick google search for Rockwood Pottery Marks brings up a variety of sites showing examples of both bottom marks and artist ciphers for Rookwood pottery. But the matter of artist ciphers appearing on the side versus the bottom is puzzling. How about posting a picture of what you have so we can help.
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    According to Herbert Peck in The Book of Rookwood Pottery, the artist's mark sometimes appears on a piece "when a signed original design was used in making the mold and the artist's mark was thus transferred to the mold and duplicated on subsequent pieces." This occurs infrequently. Occasionally early artists signed pieces with their full signature and some pieces had an ink under glaze cipher or signature. So...I second Bakersgma, pictures of the piece would be helpful.
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