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    Looking for information on these marks on Russian silver spoons.
    I believe the one mark indicates Ilya Egorovich Sorokin of Odessa

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    The kokoshnik mark is about halfway down this page and indicates the dates for Sorokin between 1899-1910.

    I'm not sure if the 1903 mark that you showed is a year, or not.

    According to @DragonflyWink 's comment in a previous thread, Sorokin was the assayer, not the maker, of the spoon being discussed in that thread:

    I can't quite read the letters in the larger mark on yours. It does say Odessa at the bottom. It might be the name of a retailer? Not sure.

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    I enlarged the stamp mark on the left, and made out the central word, Сыновья, which translates to "Sons" -- So it was most likely a retailer, ___ and Sons. The first letter of the first word in the mark is Д, or D in our alphabet. I can't make out the second letter, then after that looks like лик, or "lik" and there might be something after that but I can't make it out. So, D_lik(_?) and Sons, Odessa.
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