William Spratling and the pioneers of Mexico’s silver renaissance

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    I have an old I thought was stainless steel biker bracelet. One day I decided to give it a good cleaning. I was amazed when I found the marks saying Mexico and solid silver. It cleaned up beautifully. I bought the dang thing in California at a yard sale back in 1953. It was old then. It weighs 10 ozs. Found out later it was made in 1935. It says Casa and the second name is worn away.
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    Spratling - he has an interesting story & history.

    My Mother-In-Law handed off a piece of jewelry to me a number of years ago. I did my research and figured out who he, the maker was. It was a rather clunky group of stone tulips with silver leaves; 40's era. She told me that she bought it for near nothing. As a bright young 24 year old; she worked in the jewelry department at Montgomery Wards. They had access to buying samples that didn't end up being sold for a VERY reduced rate. Apparently, she bought a lot of pieces; but she couldn't remember what happened to the rest of them. Drat!

    Another story; apparently the Hope Diamond was in an exhibit in Chicago. It had been purchased by Harry Winston and went on a tour of the US in "The Court of Jewels" exhibition in 1949. It was her job to check in all jewelry as it came to the Chicago flagship store; usually pieces were for sale. However, "The Court of Jewels" was apparently going to be on exhibit AT Montgomery Wards (if you can imagine!) and so pieces for the show were shipped in ordinary brown paper wrapped packages. She checked them in as usual and her routine was to put the item ON while she checked it in - "so it wouldn't get lost". One item was the Hope Diamond! WoW! Can you imagine wearing the Hope Diamond for even a few minutes! Amazing!

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